Thursday, May 3, 2012

House or Home?

In the past, I have posted several times on ways to clean and keep your home organized.  While I believe that is an important thing to do, I have recently (since the birth of my baby girl) begun to look at things a little differently...

My priorities have begun to change.  As I sat in my recliner chair with my baby in my arms and a basket of laundry waiting to be folded sitting next to me on the floor, a thought came to me...  The laundry could wait; but I would never be able to re-live that exact moment with my baby girl over again.  She will grow up and change in the blink of an eye; but there will ALWAYS  be laundry waiting to be folded.  The same goes for the dirty dishes, clutter, floors needing to be swept and mopped...Now, I'm not saying that we can just let our houses fall down around our ears while we sit cozily in our chairs holding our children in our laps.  But...what I AM saying is this- we need to get our priorities straight when it comes to our Homes.  There is A LOT more to caring for our Homes than just keeping them clean and tidy.  Our FIRT priority must be to the PEOPLE within those four walls.

Our children need our undivided, loving, and caring attention.  They won't really care or even notice if the kitchen floor is swept and mopped every day; but they WILL notice if they are essentially non-existent to mommy an daddy.  They need parents that are "present" in their lives.  That's what makes our houses HOMES.

There is nothing wrong with keeping a neat and tidy house.  If you can pull that off and still give your family all the attention and love they need, then my hats off to you! :0)  But as for me and my house (at least at this stage of my life) we won't sweat the small stuff. :0)

In an age where the idea of the "Home" is almost non-existent, let's determine to be ever mindful of it and keep our priorities straight!