Friday, May 4, 2012

Ten Best Things About Being a Mom

1. A mom is rarely lonely. There is always someone to talk to, even while she is in the bathroom.

2. A mom is rarely bored. If she really feels there is nothing to do, she need only visit the laundry room, the kitchen or her kids' room to find something to occupy her for the next hour.

3. A mom always has someone to play with. True, she might not enjoy Legos, tents involving sheets and table legs or dressing up like a princess. However, there is always some activity to do for "fun".

4. A mom can appreciate her skills of multi-tasking. While others may fail to see the value in being able to talk on the phone, make online reservations, clean a toilet and change a diaper all at the same time; she can have the satisfaction that she has the skills to be a corporate CEO.

5. A mom has the ability to process multiple emotions at once. A good example of this is when you find out one child has broken a window and another child is bleeding profusely while a third child is fainting dead away at the sight of blood and the fourth is trying to crawl through the broken window.

6. A mom always has someone to hug. It may be a chubby baby, a cuddly toddler or a stiff-armed teenager. It also may be in the middle of the night when a child decides he needs mommy and she'd rather be sleeping.

7. A mom can be very flexible. This is not always fun because it usually involves very literally twisting her body in strange contortions to reach a sippy cup to a screaming toddler while driving down the road without wrecking. It also can involve canceling the family trip to Florida and instead experiencing a stomach flu together.

8. A mom can make her own schedule. Sort of. Even if it's not determined by a boss, it can be determined by a newborn that wants to eat all. night. long. Or a teenager that needs to talk just as she was dropping off to sleep. O.K. maybe we should scratch that one.

9. A mom has joy in knowing she has accomplished great feats. Just as #4, most people will not appreciate these feats. However, a mom knows the highs and lows of each child's life and how things could have been drastically different if she had not been there for them.

10. A mom has a purpose in life. There is no way to coast through life without a plan when you have to help get a child safely to adulthood, marriage, a career and Heaven.

What is on your top ten list?

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