Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Sermon from the Cupboard

I was really encouraged by a sermon I heard a few weeks ago.
It made me think (which can be dangerous sometimes). I want to share those thoughts with you :-)

Sometimes, as mothers, we don't see all that God is doing in our lives, how He is using us to fulfill His purpose. And so we complain, “Why don't you use me?”

You know, in the Bible we are sometimes called “vessels”,
Made by a potter, of clay, for a purpose.


As our pastor so rightly pointed out, we aren't all used all of the time. In my kitchen we don't use every dish every day. I'm sure you don't either. Each dish has it's own special use:

Some are there just for special occasions, fine china and fancy silverware. 


Some are for every day, plastic cups and plates.
Others, like the pans, are made to take a lot of heat. 

And then there are some who are there just to stir the pot.

That changed the way I look at things. I mean, do my spoons say, “Why don't you use me?”


If they could talk, they might ;-) but it would be silly, really....
I know what I need for what I am doing in the kitchen, and why I choose one dish over another.

I have to trust that He does, too.

We may not all be used every day, but He has us for a purpose, and He will use different “dishes” for different jobs, each in the way for which He has designed us, even if we are only “cracked pots”. :-D 

- Marion

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  1. I loved this post! I really needed to hear this today! Thank you!