Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Cherish the Call?

Some of you have been with me since this blog's beginning 3 years ago. Thank you for your support! Others of you are new, and possibly a little confused. I thought I would give a brief explanation on this party day of what all we are trying to accomplish here.

There was a time when I made fun of submission, of homeschooling, of proper roles for men and women and said I would never have children. Actually, there was also a time I said I'd never get married. Through a gradual process, the Lord put Godly people in my life and helped me to return to the teachings and examples set before me in childhood. He changed my heart, then my mind, and I felt I just had to tell others how wonderful it is to have joy in our roles and relationships as women.

That's when I began Joy Ever After. It was not really a how-to blog since I'm still struggling to learn all the things I stubbornly refused to learn for the first part of marriage and motherhood. It's more about helping you to see the value in your role as a wife or mother and helping you celebrate it.

Last year, I saw that my creative pursuits when it comes to making a home and marriage and mothering are pretty limited. Well, I knew it before then, but I thought of a solution. I brought in a few friends and bloggers to help fill in the gaps. You loved them, as I knew you would.

It was way past time to purchase my own domain, but when I pulled up Joy Ever After, I realized that someone else had taken my name while I had dawdled on this step. Therefore, my new contributors and I brainstormed and came up with the name this blog now runs under, Cherish the Call.

If you've been reading this blog, you know what that call is. You also know we want you to cherish it. It's a great life serving the Lord and our families! If you really are new, you can read more on our About page.

Since then, we've added a few other contributors. I'm sure you've seen their names popping up now and then. We'll officially introduce them later, so remember to check back!

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