Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Trust Test

 Scripture: Proverbs 3:5

The Lord has been teaching me a lot about trust lately.  It seems as if that has been the key thought throughout many of my devotional times.  Why is it that we humans struggle so much with trusting our all sufficient God?  We know He is able to do the impossible, and yet so many times when hard times come we begin to quiver and shake instead of just trusting our Heavenly Father to carry us through.

There is a lesson to be learned through the trials He allows us to face.  He doesn't make us face them alone; instead He uses them to show us how big He really is, and just how much we really do need Him. Faith and trust go hand in hand.

 We all know the story of Job in the Bible, and How God allowed all those bad things to happen to him.  Was it because God had forsaken Him, and wanted to make Him miserable? No! God was ALLOWING those things in Job's life to strengthen his faith and trust in His Heavenly Father.  Job passed the "Faith and trust test" with flying colors, despite his family and friends.

How about you?  Are you passing the faith and trust test?

Joanna LaVan is a child of the King, wife to her incredible husband, adoring aunt "nana" to her four favorite little people, and pastor's wife to their church people in Virginia. She blogs about her life and happenings at

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