Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Are You Fighting For?

I admit that if this healthy eating thing were really a battle, one would see my white flag of surrender flying all too often and would see me camping out with the enemy sometimes. The pull of the familiar, the convenient is often too much and I default to food that is not God's best.

I live with the consequences of my lifestyle choices whether for good or bad. However, the real danger is when the battle lines are not clearly drawn spiritually. While I may be able to "cheat" a bit when it comes to food and not suffer drastically, "cheating" spiritually is fatal!

When we enlist in God's army, He expects us to be all there, 100% of the time. It hurts His cause when we let the pull of those familiar sins and the convenience of not standing up for what's right overcome us. It also hurts us.

Sitting in the enemy camp may seem pleasing at first, but then we become  a prisoner of war, enslaved by those very things that seemed to give us freedom from the fight. We find that the fare we consume around the enemy fire is sweet at first taste but has a bitter aftertaste. And later, as we toss and turn, trying to find rest, it gnaws at the very inside of us.

We were made for more than defaulting to the enemy. We can stand and fight beside the King of Kings because the outcome has already been determined. We will have victory! So why not start now?

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