Friday, October 7, 2011

In Our Homes This Week

Joanna: This week started off not-to-good with a visit to the ER, and my first IV.  However, God works all things for our good so we can trust Him! :0)  We're going to be spending another Saturday afternoon working over at the Church putting up new (and MUCH needed) storage cabinets.  Hectic week!

Jennifer: We used Monday as a catch up day so we'll do one extra subject a day per child for the rest of the week. I got to go out for coffee with my brother and enjoyed going to a retreat with my mother this past week. Jessica and I had a tea party (well coffee in the tea pot!), too. In the busyness of life, relationships are really all that matter.

Jessica: I finally got a few projects done around the house, and my husband sanded and painted a shelf for my kitchen. Derek and I went on a date Tuesday night, and I got to eat my salad without dodging little, crouton-grabbing fingers. (I discovered that it's more enjoyable to share my croutons. Love our dates, but I miss those little kiddos when I'm not with them! 

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