Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boxing Gloves 
Paul said in one of his epistles that he was at war with his flesh, actually battling it like two boxers going at it in the ring. This is often how I feel when it comes to healthy eating. I know what my body needs, but the flesh craves something else entirely. When I get overwhelmed with the battle, I make sure that I am "armed" with this little acronym to get me back on track for growth:
Add.  Remove.  Moderate.
During seasons when I am very overwhelmed, I may just pick one thing to do from this list and practice it for a whole week or month. Other times I try to do all of them at once for a less gradual change.

Here's an example of how to use this "weapon" in the war against the flesh. Say you consume a lot of your daily calories from sugary beverages. You could determine to:
Add water.
Remove pop (or soda or fizzy drinks, depending on where you're from!).
Moderate sweetened beverages.

You can do this gradually or all at once, depending on your personality. An example of the gradual method would be to concentrate on drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day without changing any thing else for a week. The second week you would continue to drink the water, but totally remove pop from your diet. The third week you could decide to have only 1 sweetened beverage, such as tea or juice, per day. By the fourth week, you may have established three new habits for health.

How are you going to A.R.M. yourself this week?

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