Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Things I Learned in February

1. Life happens in seasons.
This is particularly evident to me as I look back over my past blog posts. I now have a picky eater. My kids aren't always thrilled about green smoothies and, in fact, eat cereal way too often.  I haven't even done my once-a-month-shopping since the last baby was born. My tips to keep kids well completely fell apart in the last month and a half. I can either berate myself for my fickleness or remember that seasons change.

2. Sometimes we have to go to Plan B C D.
This happens most often during our homeschool day. We rarely go by a certain schedule. Perhaps that is the product of a disorganized mother, but I find that fitting things in seems to go better for us right now. It works kind of like this:

Plan A: Get up at 6:00 and have devotions and exercise before my husband leaves for work. 

After being awakened 5 times in one night by my infant that refuses to keep a schedule...
Plan B: Get up with my husband and see him off to work before having devotions and fit in exercise during baby's nap.

After the baby decides to eat and play after Daddy leaves for work, leaving me to wonder if I comprehended anything from my devotional reading and refuses to nap more than 20 minutes for the next 6 hours...
Plan C: Ditch exercise other than carrying a 16 pound weight with me while doing deep knee bends in front of the dryer and stretches to fix breakfast with one arm.

And so on...sound familiar? I hope so!


  1. It does sound familiar! I understand and relate. I have all these plans and sometimes they just aren't for my season.

    I have actually sat down so many times in the last few months trying to revamp our schedules and I just can't. I feel like the Lord is just letting me see that I have to go with it and trust Him. At the end of the day I have had daily time with Him, snuggled, played and schooled the kids, the house picked up and meals are made and I spend some time with husband. It may not happen how I would like it or in the time frames that I schedule, and sometimes it does seemed rushed but it happens and that is fine with me.

    Hope you have a good week.

  2. That sounds very familiar! I hope your little one sleeps better for you tonight. My youngest (2 mos) only woke up once overnight last night but I am used to him waking up several times in one night. It will get better soon!

  3. @No Ordinary Me--I like your philosophy! I sometimes get too hung up on "productivity".

    @Cascia--I have learned the hard way (this is number 4) that these days are all too short. So, I really don't mind getting up with him. Soon, I'll have to drag him out of bed as a teenager that won't wake up in the morning! lol