Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Mother Prays the Fruit of the Spirit

From my devotions this morning:

Dear Lord,

Today give me Your agape love for my children and husband, Your joy to be my strength in the midst of hectic circumstances, Your peace when everyone is making noise at once, Your long suffering when a child is taxing my patience, Your gentleness when I must discipline, Your goodness when I'm tempted to be angry at the person rather than the action, Your faithfulness to my tasks and home duties, Your meekness when there is a misunderstanding between me and a loved one, and Your self-control to curb the habits of my flesh that would make my day less than Your best for me.

May I seek to honor You in all I say and do today.



  1. Hi Jennifer,
    This post has been a tremendous blessing to me as I have been studying and searching for materials that I could use for the preparation of a challenge for a baby shower. The baby shower is taking place tomorrow, Oct. 1. So I was just wondering if there is a copyright for this "prayer" since I was actually thinking to print it out in a postcard or bookmark format. Let me know if that is possible. I have enjoyed reading the blog so far...thank you for taking time to be an encouragement to ladies and impacting lives everywhere.
    Emilie Castro
    Vancouver, British Columbia

  2. @ Emilie: All I write on this blog is copyrighted but as long as you are not selling it and are using it for ministry purposes, I would love for you to share it. I would appreciate your mentioning my website as the source,if possible.

    Enjoy the baby shower! May God richly bless you. Thanks for reading.