Sunday, June 13, 2010

Completing Him Challenge: Dating Days!

This week's challenge is going way back to dating days! Our dating period was different than most people's. We met at a youth evangelistic weekend when I was 16 and we lived almost 3 hours away from each other. However, since we were both from the same state, we often had to ride together to future weekends. We got to know each other better while driving and talking for hours. Five months after we met, we began dating. We often double dated with Jeff's sister and her boyfriend (who is now her husband).

We could only see each other on weekends and because of distance, not every weekend, so our relationship depended a lot on letters, then e-mail and phone calls. In those days, we could only get dial-up which Jeff had to pay for by the minute and we had no cell phones--only calling cards, so just talking to each other cost Jeff a lot of money! We cherished the time together on weekends and got to know one another's families that way since we would either visit at his house or mine.

Exactly, one year after we met, we got engaged. We married soon after I graduated from high school, but you'll hear about that in next week's challenge!

Now for this week's challenge from Courtney:

Consider: How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis cultivating your marriage now? In what ways can you regain some of what has been lost in the daily shuffle of life?

Purpose this week to do something that reminds your husband of the youthful wife you once were - maybe it's wearing something you know he loves on you (remember we dressed to please back in those dating days!), go somewhere you both used to enjoy going together - alone!, look at photos together of the "good ol'days", watch a favorite movie, or just simply sit together talking, listening, dreaming, holding hands, rubbing his back, and simply paying attention to the amazing husband of your youth! Treasure him this week!

My husband and I talk together a lot, but sometimes, we get a little wrapped up in technology (amazing how we dated virtually without it but find it so necessary now!). We can spend an evening sitting across the room from one another with our laptops instead of sitting together on the couch, talking, like we did when we were dating. Maybe we can find some time this week to just talk--the old-fashioned way! 

I'd love to hear what all of you, my readers, decide to do. Feel free to share in the comments. May your marriage be blessed this week!


  1. I know that feeling. Hubby on FB and me too pming each other.. With 3 kids in the background it is almost impossible to get just an us converstaoin

  2. I love your pictures! :) What a sweet story.

  3. This challenge is such fun...I'm enjoying reading everyone's dating story. Stop by and read mine.

    Please join me at my HELLO, HANDSOM! Blog Party June 21 - July 21

    Homemaker Honey

  4. You both are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed reading your story and I also loved your pictures. What a sweet couple.

  6. Awwww - I enjoyed yor sweet photos - and new pink background! :-) I'm with you on the technology thing. My husband used to tap tap tap on his computer and I would sit there bored - now I'm tap tap tapping too!!!

    Keep the spark alive!

  7. It is amasing how times have changed. My husband and I didn't have computers,or cell phones when we got married,our time was spent together. It was wonderful for a newly married couple to not be distracted by technology. Now we do have those things and my oldest son is in a dateship with a young lady in UPC he met on facebook of all places. LOL How times change!

  8. Please tell that young man that he needs to be on his knees, every day, thanking God...because he has been given one of the most godly, humble, modest, and beautiful women i have ever seen!

    God bless you both.