Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweetest Day Celebration: Siblings

I know I did a whole week of posts on siblings and told about my own here and here. However, I couldn't honor the special people in my life without including them. My brother and sister have been my closest friends for my whole life (with a few lapses in the early years!). I still talk to or see them at least weekly, even though my sister is miles away and my brother and I keep different schedules.

My siblings and I with our mom goofing off after a volleyball game!

When I got married, I instantly received three more siblings. My new sister-in-law Mandi had married several months before us, so her husband was my new brother-in-law as well as my husband's brother, Justin. As the family has grown, we've been blessed with 4 adorable nephews and a new sister-in-law when my brother-in-law, Justin, got married to Shauna. When we all get together, it is a little wild (with 7 children between us!), but we have a blast!

I received another brother when my baby sister got married last year. He's a great guy and puts up with her and takes great care of her, so he fits in perfectly!

I love them all, and thank God for them often! a sibling for lunch or call them on the phone. Tell them how much you appreciate them and love them. If they ask what you want, assure them you'll try to be more regular about your expressions of love!

THEN...leave me a comment telling me about a special relationship you have with your sibling(s).

MOST IMPORTANTLY...Remember Jesus is our Older Brother, interceding for us daily to the Father!

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  1. Your the best sis I could ever have! Wish I were closer so we could do more stuff together, but I guess that makes the times we do get together more sweet... :0) Love you lots!!