Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweetest Day Celebration: Children

I write much about my experiences with my children on this blog. You may feel as if you already know them to some extent. I'll never forget the first time each little one was placed in my arms. I wasn't prepared for the way they changed my life completely. It is a good change but one that cannot be explained until it is experienced.

Jessica on our summer vacation

Jessica is my only daughter and becoming more of my friend every day. We are much alike, and I have learned much about myself by mothering her. She has very decided opinions (wonder where that comes from?) and we have many interesting conversations. We enjoy our tea parties and sipping hot drinks together at Panera Bread. We occasionally exercise together--although she usually drops out on me 10 minutes into it. We have graduated from kindergarten and first grade together. I am blessed to have such a sweet daughter and I thank the Lord for her!

Jeffery at his last birthday party

With the birth of my first son, I entered a world to which I'm still trying to get adjusted--mothering sons! He is everything I am not: enthralled by trucks and motorcycles,  loves wild jumps off the tops of things, rough and ready to wrestle at a second's notice. Yet I love it, especially when he finally winds down and wraps his arms around me and gives me a bear hug. I thank the Lord for my little boy who is growing more like his daddy every day.

 Jerrod is just "my baby". He still loves being toted around on my hip or sitting in Daddy's lap, and he has always been mostly happy. He takes his time sitting, crawling, standing and walking. I think the Lord blessed me with him so I can enjoy each stage and not rush through them like I did the other two. He already prefers Jeffery's cars (and accompanying "brrrrr" noises) to Jessica's dolls and has endeared himself to all of our hearts. I thank the Lord for my Little Man!

TODAY...thank the Lord for your children, even if they are grown, and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. If you don't have children, find some in your family or church and do something special for them.

THEN...leave me a comment and tell me why you have the most precious children in the whole world.

REMEMBER...God sees us as His children and gave His own Son for us.

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  1. Even though at this point I don't have any children of my own, I feel as if I do...YOUR kids have been a special blessing to me and I love each one of my sweet, adorable, and energetic niece and nephews as if they were my own! :0) Give them each a big bear hug from "nana" and be my arms for me since I'm so far away today... Love them bunches!