Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Visit to the Zoo

Today we hit our own city's zoo. In the past, locals have joked that you can see a variety of species of house cats there, however we saw some bigger cats, a bear and a lot of other neat animals that certainly wouldn't live in my house! The kids enjoyed themselves which is all that matters.

My little penguins

Jessica driving the explorer truck

Jeffery on the jellyfish climbing wall

And what was Jerrod doing all this time? Riding around in the zoo cart, looking around, until...



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  1. Oh I love the zoo pictures!! :0) Looks like they had fun and Jerrod was completely relaxed! LOL :0) Have I ever told you that you have the CUTEST kids in the world?! :0) Sorry...proud auntie coming out in me... Glad they had fun and thanks for sharing the pics! I miss those kermudgins! :0)