Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stories of Abortion

I have always considered myself pro-life, but until I had children, I think I saw it as mostly a political thing. Now that I've birthed three beautiful children and watched them grow and served as their mother, I've thought more about the issue. I've grappled with my own place in the pro-life agenda, and I want to be a voice for the unborn child and for the hurting women that are out there.

If graphic details bother you, don't go to the links in today's post. If there is a style of music or speech that offends you or a theological view differing from yours, please don't debate it--just get to the message of what is being said regarding abortion.

Now, I want to share some true stories with you today:

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Lastly, I want to share the story of a dear friend of mine. Although she doesn't want her name mentioned, I thank her for writing this for us today:

I've always firmly believed that if God wants you to be alive, nothing can overturn His will. Absolutely nothing. This is why with all that is happening in the world today regarding abortions, I firmly believe God didn't want those children to be born. This may sound harsh, but here's the reason why.
Approximately 27 years ago, a single, motherless lady became pregnant. She was lost and scared. She knew that her family would never approve of this pregnancy and the father of the child would never own it. Rather than become excluded from her family, she decided she needed to get rid of this baby. She contacted her doctors and explained she wanted an abortion. The abortion was booked at the local clinic.
When she arrived at the clinic, they confirmed the child was still alive and asked her to confirm she wanted to get rid of her baby. She said yes. She took the first tablet to kill the child and a few hours later, she had the baby removed. They gave her all clear, she was no longer pregnant. Except God had other plans for that baby and hid her in the deepest part of the womb, where no man could find her.
A few months later, the lady realised she was still pregnant, the abortion had not worked. She contacted the doctor and social services to arrange an adoption, once the child was born. After many months of hiding from her family and the child's father, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She gave the baby a beautiful pink romper suit. She only visited the child once in hospital, turned her back on the baby and left. Six weeks later that child was adopted by another family.
That child was me. I firmly believe God wanted me alive for many reasons. I must admit, I don't know why, but I'm grateful. Thank you God.

And I'm grateful, too! Now, will you purpose to be truly pro-life? I challenge you to find out what you can do to promote life of babies from their conception, and do it!

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