Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feed My Lambs

This poem is my personal testimony/journey on this topic. I didn't actually do all of the things in the poem, but it expresses some of the different ways we could minister as women. Some of the ministries mentioned may be exactly the ones God has for you. Remember, this is only my personal testimony. I just thought it might be a good background to start our subject this week.

Feed My Lambs

When I began to follow Jesus, my heart was very full
Though I was deeply satisfied, I felt another pull.

Emotions soaring, to God I cried, "I want to work for you!"
Is there a ministry for me - a work that I can do?"

"My child, do you love me?" Answered the Great I AM.
"Oh yes, my blessed Savior!" "Then, Child, feed my lambs."

So off I set to find them, these lambs of which he spake.
I traveled far to Africa, many converts to make.

Then my Father told me, "These are not for you!
"Closer to home I have a work for you to do."

So I began to work at church in many different things,
Visiting and teaching, I would speak, play and sing.

After many months of this, I was sure I had it right.
All the work that I did must be pleasing in His sight.

But when I took the time to inquire of the Lord
To seek after His heart and study in His Word,

Of His will for me, He told me once again,
"My child, if you love me, you will feed my lambs.

"The work you've done is noble, but it is not for you,
Closer to home I have a work for you to do."

So I laid aside
my plans and I began to feed His sheep,
One little girl and two little boys in the home that I should keep.

Much kingdom work there is to do, but all of that can keep.
For now, my Lord has bidden me, to simply, feed His sheep.

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  1. I love this...what a great reminder of the importance of the role of a mother in God's eyes! We are to raise up soldiers in the army of His Saints!