Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything Day

The second day of our "staycation" was quite an adventure. I'm beginning to think that everything one does with three children under 7 is an adventure. :-) We spent our morning making jam and pizza dough.

The fruit of our labors

After making a horrible mess in the kitchen, we went out to eat! :-) We ate a delicious buffet for the price we usually pay at McDonald's and we were stuffed! Even Jerrod wholeheartedly enjoyed himself (and also began playing patty cake today!).

We decided to finish up our spring nature walks since this is the last day to complete them for our pin. On the way, we had to stop and air the car tire because it almost went flat. (Well, it looked like it to me anyway!) Our GPS led us to a completely different place than we were supposed to go. My husband was following on his motorcycle and almost ran out of gas because we were wandering around trying to find the place. The kids kept a running commentary from the backseat:
"I will never trust that GPS again! Will you, Jeffery?"
"We need to pray that we can get to a gas station on time. Will you help me pray, Jeffery?"
"Not right now, I'm busy driving my motorcycle." (accompanying motor noises)
(Female/male conversation patterns start early.)
"Dear Lord, We aren't asking you for food or anything. Just give Daddy some magic gas until we get to a gas station. Amen."
We did make it to a gas station and then decided to just go home. On the way home, we found the park. Go figure. When we got out of the car, Jerrod was sound asleep and it had started to sprinkle. We walked the mile trail anyway with my dear husband holding the baby in his arms.

After we got home, everyone recovered from their day...kids played in their room, Jeff played with the baby and I went shopping! Just for a short time, of course, but it was nice to be able to look at a store without an eye on children at the same time.

After our late supper of homemade pizza, the kids did sparklers on the porch.

I hope tomorrow has a little less adventure!

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