Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thirteen Reasons I Love Being Married to My Husband

If you're visiting from Blissfully Domestic today, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll look around my blog and get to know me a bit better before you leave. I'd also love to meet you and get to know you, so feel free to leave a comment as well. Now, for my My Husband Rocks post, originally part of:

1. He is the world's most handsome hunk!
2. He takes providing for his family seriously...and does it well.
3. He is a spiritual leader that helps keep me on track.
4. He loves me just the way I am...and always has.
5. He is a terrific father.
6. He has awesome good looks! (Oh, did I already say that?)
7. He is a real man of which I can be proud.
8. He treats me like his queen and appreciates what I do for him.
9. He never tells me to stop talking! (Yes, he is close to sainthood, as a matter of fact!)
10. He never forgets a special occasion and always treats them with importance.
11. He is simply gorgeous! (Oops...there it is again...can't help myself!)
12. He can cook. (Although I try not to take advantage of it, there is definitely a relief in knowing my children are getting more than Doritos and candy bars when I am in the hospital or otherwise incapacitated.)
13. I fall deeper in love with him every day!

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  1. Hi! I just started to follow your blog. I find it very intriguing and enjoyable to read. I believe that we have quite a few mutual friends, although I have never met you personally. I have viewed your blog for quite some time and I think that I caught a glimpse of you at Stoneboro Conference on Sunday. (that was you sitting all the way up front, right??)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Can't believe its been ten years already!! Like I've said many many times before though...I hardly remember a time when Jeff wasn't a part of our family! LOL Wishing you many more anniversaries! :0)

  3. I used your post today! Such a great one. :-)