Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome Fall!

My porch seems to be a relatively safe place for decor...

 Fall... When I think of this beautiful season, my mind envisions steaming cups of Apple Cider, crackling campfires, hay rides, pumpkins, and scenery bursting with color ... I LOVE fall!  I used to decorate pretty extensively in my house for my favorite season.  However, since a precious little girl was sent to our Home, I've taken a different approach to my decorating style.  Oh I still decorate... but things get placed on a higher level than before. (Although recently I'm discovering that approach may not be working out quite as well as I thought... hmmm... maybe I can just place my decor on top of the fridge?) Oh how much excitement children bring to a home!! 
I think I'd rather have her over decorations any day...
  So, due to my lack of  fall decorations INSIDE my house... my wonderful sister-in-law bailed me out and allowed me to photograph her lovely home for this post.  I have noticed that one of the popular items used for indoor fall decor (as well as outside sometimes) is a lantern.  It is a wonderful way to add warmth and light to your decorations without having an open flame.

 Table centerpieces have also gone by the wayside at my house lately... seems the challenge of climbing the chairs to get onto the table top has been conquered quite well by a certain little lady in our house.  Thus, we go to Aunt Elizabeth's house once again for help in this area.  She artistically placed various items to create a lovely centerpiece.  I particularly love the use of the wooden words.  A nice reminder of the truly important things in life.

I believe, that among other things, the way you decorate reflects the stage of life you are in right now.  For me right now that means less decorations and more toys and books.  However, for you that may mean lovely pieces scattered artfully around your Home.  We all are at different stages of life, and we all have different tastes.  Wherever you are right now on that scale, enjoy it.  I have learned that time passes too quickly, and too often we fail to enjoy the season we are currently in.  So if your a Mama right now wishing you could have your "pretties" back out... just wait...that day will come, and you'll miss these days I guarantee it.... For those of you who HAVE your "pretties" out... you don't know what excitement your missing!! :0)  But enjoy it...

Happy Fall!!
Joanna LaVan

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