Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review and Giveaway: Freefall to Fly

A story. It was Jesus' means of conveying truths to us, and it is still one of the most captivating way to portray ideas. When meaning is grainy and fuzzy, a real-life illustration can bring it into sharp focus.

For Rebekah Lyons, the story she tells is of a personal nature. It is the story of her deepest fear and her highest flight. No matter what our location or circumstance, we can relate with her intense struggle as a mom transplanted from suburbia to the big city.

Searching for meaning can be elusive outside the call and will of God. Rebekah speaks to following God's call when it is difficult and crying out to Him for strength when we have none left.

I expected this book to be a bit "weighty" and difficult to read, but once I began it was hard to put it down. I cried during several parts as I related to, not the exact circumstances of Mrs. Lyons' life, but the emotion behind them.

Even though I appreciated the premise of Rebekah Lyons' story and her heart for women, I recommend the book with caution. I've seen too many women rush off to "embrace their calling" and leave their husbands, children and homes in the dust. I don't think this is the author's intention for her readers, but I would urge you read this book carefully and prayerfully.

If you would like to read the true story of a woman embracing her fear, her pain and her calling, leave a comment below. I will choose one reader who comments below to receive my review copy, graciously provided to me free of charge by the team at Handle Bar Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

The giveaway will end Saturday, May 25 at 12 midnight ET. I will announce the winner the following week.

Be Blessed!

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