Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Link Up: Kitchen Tips and Recipes

This first week of school has hit me a little harder than I expected! One thing I have been so grateful that I did over the weekend was prepare breakfasts and lunches ahead. Every time I made breakfast last week, I made a double batch and froze it. Then, I made some additional things on Saturday. I put a note on the refrigerator with a breakfast list and lunch list, so that the kids can serve themselves if need be.

Here's what the list looks like this week:

Waffles -- just pop in toaster to heat
Baked Oatmeal -- plop into a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds
Egg Muffins -- put on a plate and defrost 30 seconds, then heat for 1 more minute

HB eggs
cheese cubes
veggies and dip
peanut butter granola bars
PBJ sandwich

The kids choose whatever they want from the list, fix it and eat it. One of the older kids or I help the little ones get theirs if they need it. If someone finishes the last one of something, they just cross it off. I hope to replenish it with new choices each week, because it has made things much simpler on the food front!

As for supper,, here's one I'm making for tonight, although I'm using purple peppers from our garden instead of green:
Stuffed Green Peppers
and this:
Homemade French Bread

Now, for those of you who have more time on your hands than I do this week, here are some cleaning and organizing tips for you::

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Simplifying for Fall: Kitchen and Meal Plan
How to Organize Recipes and Cookbooks

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