Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Ideas

Am I alone in thinking that dads just don't get the attention they deserve on Father's Day? Mother's Day is undeniably more popular and commercialized. Maybe it's because guys just don't care as much about these things as we moms do, but I feel pretty sure that our tough ol' fellas like to receive special attention, too, and they appreciate gifts, cards, special meals, etc.

In a culture where our men are attacked, degraded, and belittled we need to make a deliberate attempt to make them feel loved, trusted, and admired. I think that paying them some special attention on Father's Day is the least we can do. :)

It doesn't take a lot of money to do something special for Dad. Homemade gifts are fine. Here are just a few simple ideas to help make the day a memorable one for him, and for your family.

Here are a list of photo sites where you can make these books:
You  may still be able to get yours back in time for Father's Day, or you can pick them up at a local photo center. Check the site for details. I can personally vouch for Picaboo. I made a book on their site before and was amazed at the quality!

I love this! Your older children can fill it out by themselves, and you can write down the answers for your younger kiddos. Could be interesting! :) And hey, it's free!

(Another Free Printable)

If you're really creative, make these too-adorable cupcakes!

Just a few more ideas:
  • You could make coupons for him and let the children fill in odd jobs they're willing to do for him throughout the next month, or more. 
  • Sometime around Father's Day, surprise him with a candlelight dinner. 
  • Of course, don't forget to prepare his favorite meal on Sunday. :) 
Finally, just do whatever you know he'd like to make his day special, and let your children help out as much as possible. They'll feel important, and your husband will appreciate their efforts.


On a more personal note, I'd like to reach out for a moment to those who, like me, either have no real relationship with their father, (or a difficult relationship with him,) and to those single moms who have a hard time getting themselves and their children through a day that, for them, would easier to skip. 

To daughters who are hurting, reach out to your Heavenly Father. I can promise you that, unlike your earthly father, He will never leave you. Never disappoint you. Spend Father's Day drawing closer to Him, and let Him soothe your hurt. 

To  widowed mothers, my heart aches for you. You might spend Father's Day sharing memories, photos, and home videos with your children, if you think it would be best. Remembering their dad may help them get through a difficult day. 

To single moms who don't know how to explain a father's absence to your children, I admonish you, too, to draw close to your Heavenly Father. Assure your children of His constant and undying love for them. Let Him comfort you! 

Sending a hug to each of you....