Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Reflections: Mother's Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day to all of you that have birthed children: from your body, from your heart and from your prayers. Thank you to all you do to change the world!
Looking Back...
Here's what we talked about this week:

From the Archives...
Looking Ahead... 

Next Week 
We will visit the kitchen to find out how to make some convenience foods at home to save money and health. We'll learn more about homeschooling and large families from Judy and get some ideas for teaching preschoolers as well. Joanna will share her thoughts from God's Word and Jessica will give us her perspective on Tuesday.
We want to hear from you!
We try to have a variety of contributors here on Cherish the Call from minister's wives to farmer's wives.  We have moms of newborns to moms with children painfully close to leaving the nest. Our contributors consist of keepers of homes in the sprawling countryside to women who could see into their neighbor's window from theirs if they actually had time to scrub off the fingerprints. 
However, we realize that there are many more unique women out there with special gifts and new perspectives that our little group does not have. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as our readers.

We're going to throw out two reader questions on which you can contribute your thoughts either on our Facebook page or in an e-mail to us. We will open a conversation on each question so you can just comment with your opinions on Facebook. If you prefer e-mail, send your comments to us at homekeeper31 (at) gmail (dot) com with Reader Question in the subject line by next Thursday, May 17.

I'm sticking my neck out hoping a few of you will participate on at least one of them. That will make it more fun and helpful for all of us!

Here they are:

  • If you send your children to public school, how do you help them maintain a Christian witness without being influenced by the culture?
  • If you have older children, what do you wish you would have known when they first laid that newborn in your arms and how would that have affected your parenting?

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