Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unscheduled Plans

Image DetailImmediately you thought I was losing my mind by that title. I really haven’t, although, at times I think I might. YET, God is faithfully walking with me giving grace and help. Life in a parsonage can change in seconds. A schedule is determined in our household of how the day and week is planned. Usually by the end of that week, it hasn’t turned out anything like what I thought it would be.

I have learned that you must adjust accordingly. You might get a phone call in the middle of the night saying that someone has been life – flighted to a trauma center. Or you might get a text in the wee hours of the morning with news that a person for which you have earnestly prayed has finally made the choice to serve God and wants you to come and pray. It could be an early morning call from another just wanting a friendly chat. Or a knock on the door mid-afternoon with a surprise bucket of fried chicken. Whatever the case, it is a joy to be of service to the King!

My Pastor husband is not simply a preacher. He has a “shepherd heart” for he dearly loves his flock. There are times when I will voice concern over all he is doing. Stop! Relax! Yet he continues on with God’s strength. The past few weeks in our life have been extremely hectic. Easter activities… convention out-of-town…a trailer parked in our back yard to provide housing for a couple of needy souls…a traveling evangelist and his family (who are dear friends) stopped for an overnight visit enroute to their next revival and a mile from our house their transmission went out on their truck. Their overnight stay ended up being 11 nights much to their dismay and our children’s delight!...a minister’s conference in our church hence added responsibilities and preparation…a sick pastor…a community outreach flower give-away honoring mothers…a SICK pastor…a church to clean and sweep…a sick PASTOR…children’s church activities and Sunday School lessons to prepare..
A SICK PASTOR…did I mention to you that my husband got sick with a severe case of strep throat? Oh, but he did!

So did the schedule change? Uh, yep! It sure did! But that’s okay because we had lots of unscheduled plans and we survived! You know what? God helped! He was there and blessed in the midst of each activity. For if you take time to look then you will see that in the midst of unplanned circumstances, He has something for you to learn, something for you share, and something that is a blessing to others, if we don’t get bent out of shape by the unscheduled plans.


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