Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Hub of the Wheel

Mother's Day is this Sunday, as I'm sure we are all aware.  When I think of the Home, I can't really imagine it being the place it is supposed to be without that amazing woman we all call "Mom" being the center of it all.  A Mom is like the center of a wheel- the hub that holds everything else together.  Maybe you don't like being compared to a tire; However, I still think it is a fitting analogy for the point I am trying to get across, so bear with me... :0) 

Growing up, I can remember only one time when my mom was truly sick and unable to take care of us kids.  However, I remember it so well, because NOTHING seemed to go right when mom wasn't there or able to do her usual duties... I specifically recall trying to get ready to go to school that morning.  My mom had the flu, so was in bed and unable to do my hair like she usually did.  My dad, being the wonderful man that he is, was doing his best to get us kids ready for our day and to school on time.  When it came time for my hair to be done... I was desperate!  I had not yet mastered (uh, and STILL haven't, but I manage...) the art of doing my own hair.  So, dad said he'd give it a whirl...and what a WHIRL it was when he got done with it! :0)  Needless to say...I guess I'm ASHAMED to poor ailing mother had to get out of bed and  come and do my hair.

Now, that is a silly illustration that really doesn't describe a "life and death" type of situation, I know... but... I think you can see even from a simple thing like that, that you're NEEDED mom!  As I have just recently joined the wonderful world of "mommy-dom" myself; I realize that there are days that as a mom, you feel like your needed a little too much, and too often... :0)  However, being a mommy is one of the most important jobs (I feel THE most important) that anyone could ever have... Yes, you're on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Yes, you pretty much forfeit any hope of a good nights sleep.  No, you don't have a lot of "Me" time. Yes, you do have a HUGE responsibility...BUT with an ETERNAL reward. 

As a mom, you are responsible for teaching, training, and preparing your child (children) for Heaven.  That is really your sole purpose.  Yes, you have other things to teach them as well that are just part of life; but God has given you that little soul to guide to Heaven.  What is more important than that?!  So next time you're feeling like you really haven't accomplished anything big in life...that your JUST a mom... remember, God has entrusted to you a Soul that He will give you the Grace, strength and wisdom you need in order to get it to Heaven.  THAT is what being a mommy is all about! 

I am thankful for my godly mom, and how she took the time to teach, train, and prepare us for Heaven.  Now as an adult it is my turn to train my daughter.  What a huge responsibility a mom has, but what HUGE benefits!  Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


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