Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Friday: Random Things

Blogs can be sources of helpful information and encouragement. That's what we seek to do with this blog. However, sometimes blogs are great places to meet new friends and find out more about old friends.

 Just for fun, we've decided to link up for a blog hop letting you know (at least) 10 random things about us that you may not have otherwise known. After you read mine, be sure to visit the other bloggers and find out what makes them tick behind the scenes!

  1. I'd rather organize than clean.
  2. I have experienced border-line panic attacks while shopping for the perfect outfit and home decorations.
  3. I refused an epidural at the birth of my third child to save money and preferred the experience so much I did it again when we had insurance for my fourth child's birth.
  4. I love to read, but I hardly ever read novels. 
  5. I completed 1/3 of a medical transcription college course before deciding that it wasn't for me.
  6. When I first married, I thought homeschooling and making homemade foods were fringe activities that people only did because they didn't have anything better to do. 
  7. I can't read things without noticing grammar or spelling errors even if I'm not trying. (Except for my own writing!)
  8. My goal through most of high school was to become a college music teacher. 
  9. I would rather throw a shirt away rather than sew a button on it, although that is the only sewing skill I have. (I usually refrain, though!)
  10. I avoid antibiotics and pharmaceutical pain relievers as much as possible, for me and my kids.
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