Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coupons, Clothes, and Sales

Recently my oldest child took off on a growth spurt. It is my custom to buy ahead when I find things on sale, at garage sales, or thrift stores. However, my “grow into” box was pretty much null and void. Now what should I do?   Thank the Lord for coupons! I use them in every possible way…grocery shopping, clothes shopping, gift shopping, eating out—To change the old saying a little, “If there ain’t no coupons, then momma ain’t happy!” My children know that it isn’t bought unless it is on sale and a coupon available.

 Most of the time they are thrilled with the bargains that can be found, but other times I have heard disgruntled words of: “Oh Mom, do we really need a coupon?” or “Why do we have to wait for it to go on sale?  Then begins my explanation of how that God has entrusted us with money and we must be frugal about how we use it. God doesn’t want me to purchase the first pretty item I see hanging on a rack or pictured on a website. I must be wise in my choices. Can this be used with another outfit? How long can it be worn? Or even how many times? When children are growing, it is unwise to pay full price for something.

I love to color co-ordinate my family. It is fun to dress my girls and boys in matching outfits. It has amazed me the many times that I will pull out boxes of “hand-me-down” clothes to find that it fits right in with other outfits that are in our closets.  Right now I am currently in the transition of packing away winter, outgrown clothes and attempting to put in spring/summer. UGH! My most detested task of motherhood! Therefore this has been an ongoing project for about a month. I intend to fully complete it this week. Now, I have said it for others to read…this should make me accountable to get it done. (Someone please check up on me by Friday. SMILE!)

Back to my beginning thoughts, I have been able to find several modest skirts, dresses, and tops and not pay full price. To me, this is a reward from God because I have a routine for buying things at a fraction of the original price.  Does this take a little more time? Yes! Do I enjoy it? Yes! But there are some who do not enjoy shopping or digging through sale racks or thrift store junk to find that one treasure. In that situation, employ a personal shopper! I am ready to be hired! Just kidding! Instead, take it to the Lord! He knows what we have need of even before we ask. The Lord is familiar with how thrifty or wise we attempt to be and will reward us for doing our best. You say even in dressing our children? Definitely! He cares about all areas of our lives! So be prudent, for that money you can save may help clothe a missionary’s child or those who are not as fortunate as you.



  1. I've had the same experience. When funds aren't limitless and you have modesty concerns, you need the Lord's help! Nothing is too small for Him to care about.

  2. It certainly isn't! I am so thankful to know I have a Heavenly Father that cares.