Thursday, March 8, 2012

Listen Up!

How many times have I said to my children that they need to listen? Countless! It seems like this saying has resonated in my own ears at times.  I think that I pressed the speed button on my listening device one too many times and now all I do is grasp the first, middle, and last words of what is being said to me especially in relation to my family. My attention is pulled in a hundred different directions while I have this earnest face focused upon mine simply asking for me to listen. Now what is more important than hearing about how house is being played outside and the best soup ever is being made? Tell me; wouldn’t you like to know the recipe that includes gravel, water, and walnuts? Sounds absolutely delightful! I think I might make it for our next church dinner. Yet, it is important! I realize that when I don’t give my full attention to my children they feel like I don’t care. In fact, they have told me that. I am confirming in their impressionable minds that God is the same way. He doesn’t listen because He is simply too busy.

Then this same scenario can be carried over to my husband. He needs my attention, but how often have I been focused on a task that must be accomplished. The children are in bed. We are enjoying some peace and quiet. Time we could concentrate on each other. Once again my thoughts are honing in on other things. Are they of importance? Sure! However, my husband should receive my undivided attention. Do I fail? Oh yeah! Most definitely! Can I improve? I am trying! He needs me to listen up. Sometimes it is subjects that interest him. Sometimes it is issues he needs to voice. Sometimes it is plans for the future. Sometimes it is dreams. All of it is of essence in knowing my husband better.

Often treasured individuals that are in our church congregation need me to listen up to what they have to share. It could be a child’s accomplishment or even an issue they faced. Possibly it might be a deep hurt that was received years before that was never overcome. Maybe it is something exciting that took place in their spiritual life. Or perhaps it is a battle they aren’t sure how to fight. It may well be the loss of a loved one or illness that is facing the family. Whatever the case, my ears must be attuned to their pain or joy! I want them to sense that I care. Do I? Oh most definitely. Their pain is mine. Their joy is mine. Are they blood relation…only by Jesus’ blood that was shed for us, but God has given me a great love for my church family.  I want to listen!

Leaving the most important for last…I must listen up to God. He has much that I need to hear. Areas where I can improve in are especially in this listening aspect.  On a daily basis, I feel that I fall so short. Yet, I keep plugging along attempting to press the slower button and take time to listen. The cares of life are pulling me in every direction, but I must tune my ears to even the slightest whisper of God’s voice. If I can train my ear to listen to Him, then my husband, my children, and my church family will definitely have my attention. So today I am trying to listen up!



  1. Boy, this is convicting! Thank you so much for this much needed reminder of taking the time to truly listen in all circumstances in our lives: whether to our children, our husbands or to the Lord. These are the things that are most important in our lives and I know I need to show how important they are all by improving my "listening." Many blessings! Lisa

    1. I am glad it spoke to your heart. It is something that God has been speaking to me about, as well.