Thursday, February 23, 2012

Customized Spring Centerpiece

Original picture found on Pinterest

With Spring fast approaching, I thought it might be nice to post something that would help us to get in the mood! I found this centerpiece idea while browsing Pinterest, and thought this would be the PERFECT way to do just that! I could just picture using this idea for a centerpiece on Easter or even for an every day table setting during the season. It just depends on what flowers you choose to use, as to how "fancy" it may be!

All you need to make these gorgeous centerpieces for your table, is: distilled water, silk flowers, and vases. (Most of which you could just pick up at your local Dollar store!) After choosing which flowers and color scheme you want to use, just put your flowers in the vase and fill with water! For some added demension, I might add some ribbon to mine. There are a lot of possibilities and room for your own creativity in designing your custom centerpiece!

Now, go use that creative mind of yours, and design that gorgeous centerpiece for your table!



  1. Oh how pretty Joanna. Love it. I will have to try it. Thanks for posting.

  2. I think I would change it just for me and put a lid on a special vase or jar--since I have two rather rambunctious little boys at my table every meal! LOL! Love the idea and I think I will try it! Sharon Knight