Thursday, February 9, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

Visit Lovely Crafty Home to view the original tutorial

I found this beautiful crafty wreath, and decided I just HAD to share it with you! It seems actually pretty simple to make (although I have not yet attempted it, since I just found it!). You could choose any color scheme you desired, and even add seasonal bits and pieces to it to create a custom wreath that fits your decor.

Here's how to make it...

Choose the paint colors that you want your wreath to be (you may want to dilute and/or mix until you get a color you like). Then dunk each filter in a color, squeeze it out, and hang it up to dry. For added touches, add brown or more pink to change the color of the paint water as you continue dying the filters. For a light creamy color, you can use strong brewed tea. To get a cool natural gradient look you can use a paint brush to dab different colors on the edges of the filter.

After they are dry, cut a spiral shape, roughly 1” from the outer edge. The result will be a long strip, roughly 1” wide by 36” in length (don’t worry if it’s longer or shorter, just know your going for a long skinny strip). Think of the strip as a piece of ribbon. Starting at the center point of the filter, stick it to the edge of 12” piece of masking tape, leaving 1” of tape available at the end. Continue down the strip, pleating/gathering as you go. Pleating/gathering, pleating/gathering, pleating/gathering…Continue to pleat/gather down the strip. Just squish it, no big deal. Once the strip is finished, take that first empty inch of tape and wind it around the tip of a drinking straw. Continue to wind the tape around the end of the straw. Add another 12” piece of tape to the base, on the diagonal. Wrap the tape around the straw to make a stem. Then stick it (or glue it) onto the wreath you have chosen to use. (For more detailed instructions and pictures, visit Aunt Peaches blog).

This particular tutorial suggested using a floral wire wreath instead of a foam, and wrapping it in strips of burlap secured with hot glue. Then begin gluing the flowers on, clustering some colors in certain areas, but also keeping it a bit random. It won't take long for it to really come together and look amazing. You can finish it off with a wide ribbon or whatever best suits your particular style.

I hope you enjoy using your creativity to make this gorgeous wreath! Let me know if you tried it, and how it turned out! I'm sure many of you could come up with a gorgeous original design!

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