Friday, February 3, 2012

Been Coughing Lately? (Review and Giveaway)

It seems that as soon as we stop spreading holiday cheer, we begin spreading germs from after-holiday illnesses. Everywhere we go, people are coughing and blowing noses---symptoms of respiratory viruses and infections. It is almost inevitable that our children will come down with something during the winter cold and flu season.

It hit my kids a couple of weeks ago. A barking kind of cough, slight runny noses and low grade fevers. Not fun for any of us. Especially when it disrupts sleep---both the sleep of the child AND the parent (that would be me). Thankfully, I was already somewhat prepared, if not for the illness at least the symptoms.

A few months ago, I contacted TriLight Health, an herbal supplement company, to find out what would ease my child's coughing so he could sleep at night. They recommended two products, one of which I've already reviewed. However, my favorite product for coughing so far is the fast-acting LymphaRub.

My 15-month-old had the cough the worst. About 10 minutes after I would lay him down at night, he would start coughing. Then, he would start gagging. If you have not had children, I will just tell you that this is not a good thing and can produce some very unpleasant results. (Not that this has ever happened to me or my kids, of course!)

Then, I remembered my little miracle bottle of LymphaRub. My friends at TriLight had told me that if I put one drop on the back of his throat, it would ease coughing.

Fearing the gag reflex more than his possible adverse reaction to the taste, I squirted a drop between his teeth, hoping it hit its mark. (I have not had good experience with babies opening their mouths voluntarily for medicine or some select vegetables.)

It was amazing! Within 5 minutes, the coughing had stopped and within 10 minutes he was asleep. (Yes, both occurrences are equally amazing!) I did this for about 3 nights until the cough was over, and it worked every time.

The ironic thing about the LymphaRub helping coughs is that it is not even for coughing in particular! That was just a side benefit. It is for instant relief of sore throats or for external application to sore muscles or ears in the case of earaches.

I'm excited about all the possibilities for this little wonder bottle. However, I would prefer to wait a while for the chance to use it again!

TriLight Health wants to give away one of these potent little bottles to one of our readers!

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