Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dressing Your Table

One of the things I enjoy most when getting ready to have company for dinner, is decorating the table. It's not to make them feel uncomfortable, it's just something I enjoy doing! However, I realize that's not everyone's forte... I am certainly NOT an expert in this area, but I thought maybe I would share a few of my table settings that I have done (and actually found pictures of!) to jump start your own ideas!

This table setting is one of my favorites since it matches the decor of my kitchen. I just used white plates and bowls to brighten and offset the red napkins. I used a simple folded fan to fold the napkins and tucked the bottom of the fan into red and silver napkin rings. My centerpiece was simple, useful and practical for this setting...matching cherry salt and pepper shakers and butter dish!
This setting was a little more along the lines of simple elegance. I used a lace tablecloth for the "background". The napkins were folded fan style but tied in the center with a blue ribbon (they make WONDERFUL napkin rings) and placed in the center of the plate. I also added heart shaped votive candle holders at each place setting for a special touch. The centerpiece was put together by starting with a small stand crystal dish, adding a glass candle holder and candle in the center, and surrounding with flowers to match. Very simple, and from things around the house--no need to spend a lot of money on an expensive centerpiece!
This is a close up of one of the place settings from above...
I LOVE this table was extra fun for me. I started with my rust colored fall tablecloth. The plates (which you can't see in the picture) are fall colors with a different word on each (Blessing, Abundance, Family, Grateful) to add a special touch. The napkins are again folded fan style with a fall leaf napkin ring in the center. The centerpiece is a fall leaf garland interspersed with small (fake) gourds and pumpkins, and a festive fall scented candle in the center.
I'm sure you have even better ideas than these to share about making your table beautiful, so feel free to add suggestions in the comment box below!

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