Friday, November 18, 2011

In Our Homes This Week

Jennifer: Our church is having revival services this week, so we've been at church every night. It's been a tough week of work for my husband. Looking forward to the long weekend next week.

In school news, my six-year-old was supposed to write a list of his favorite things. When we got to his favorite animal, he said, "I don't really like animals." Finally, he decided on one he thought was kind of cool--a cow. When we got to his favorite place to visit, he chose...the zoo. (Scratching my head on that one.)

Joanna: Busy week!  We started our Baby Registry, which was a fun experience! So many things out there to care for such little people! :) I think we're going to put up our Christmas decorations this week too since we will be up North visiting family all next week for Thanksgiving.

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