Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five a Day for Spiritual Nutrition

Just as we've discussed adding healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables with lots of color to our diets; God wants us to add some things to our spiritual diets that will add color to our lives. Partaking of these five "foods" daily will keep us strong and healthy as Christians.

1. Study of His Word. The essence of our spiritual food is the living, breathing Word of God. As we read the Bible and seek to understand its meaning, we receive a more abundant life through comprehending God's message to us.

2. Communion with Him in Prayer. Just as a great dinner is aided by the fellowship of others around a table, so is the nutrition of God's Word by prayer fellowship with Him. He applies His Words directly to our hearts, and we build sweet fellowship as we praise Him.

3. Victory in Temptation. I did not say we have victory over temptation. Every Christian will be tempted to sin. However, as we spend more time with the real food of God, the temptation to lesser foods becomes less appealing. Even when we are tempted to ditch the sweet fruits of the Spirit for a bag of Satan's "potato chips', we can be victorious and say, "No!"

4. Joyful Living. If you've ever seen a child fully enjoying an apple, you know how important joy is to the Christian life. They chomp and slurp, juice running down their chin, and don't care what anyone thinks. They are just loving that delicious fruit! When we have the joy of Christ within us, it must come out in our actions and attitudes. Not in a pretentious way. If we have the real thing, our joy will naturally flow out so others can see how much we love our salvation.

5. Being Others-Focused. Keeping a delicious meal to oneself is never as enjoyable as a shared meal. When we feed others by showing them love, kindness, forgiveness and mercy; our lives are in line with how Christ lived His own life.

So, go ahead. Have all the spiritual fruits and vegetables you can hold. But these five are absolutely essential to maintain a healthy relationship with God!

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