Monday, November 21, 2011

Being Thankful in Our Marriage

Most of us have a mental checklist of the things we need to do to maintain our marriages daily.Tell him I love him as he goes out the door. Check. Welcome him after work with a kiss. Check. Remember not to nag him to take out the trash. Check. Make him dinner. Check. (Does ordering pizza count?)

I would venture a guess that thankfulness is not really at the top of our lists. It seems like anything nice that our husbands do for us is just expected. I've seen husbands do something really nice for their wives (including my own husband) and have seen wives act as if they didn't even notice (including me).

Maybe you're thinking, "But my husband doesn't do anything thank-worthy!" While there are a few genuine jerks out there masquerading as husbands, I believe better of men in general. Take a look at this list and see if you can't find one or two things for which to tell your husband, "Thank you!" this week:

  • He goes to work to provide all or part of the family income.
  • He stays with the kids so you can go shopping.
  • He takes out the trash without your asking. (Good thing you didn't nag!)
  • He fills your car with gas.
  • He takes you out to dinner once in a while.(Now you don't even have to call the pizza delivery guy!)
  • He fixes things around the house. 
  • He doesn't complain when you burn dinner. (Um, what was the number to the pizza place again?)
  • He tells you you're beautiful and really means it. (Yeah, he really does.)
    So now what do you say? What's the magic word? 
    Clue #1: It's not..."It's about time!" 
    Clue #2: It is what you like him to say to you when you have worked 4 hours on the meal he just enjoyed. (You know, those nights when the pizza shop is closed?) 

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