Tuesday, October 18, 2011

20 Great Reasons to Homeschool

If you've read my bio, you already know that we homeschool our children. We feel very strongly about homeschooling, but we do our best never to appear judgmental or self-righteous to those who feel differently than we do!

We began our homeshooling journey several years ago when our firstborn was old enough for Kindergarten. Since my husband was working, I was the one who would be mostly responsible for teaching our children. I felt overwhelmed, inadequate, incapable, ill-equipped, and terrified. But here we are, about seven years later, and now...I feel overwhelmed, inadequate, incapable, ill-equipped, and terrified!

There have been some really tough times in our homeschooling years, but the blessings have made up for it over and over again. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here, (some are tongue-in-cheek of course) are some great reasons to homeschool.

To my fellow homeschool moms, hang in there and keep up the great work! You're already being rewarded, even if you can't see it yet! Oh, and don't forget to have fun! 

Jessica is a follower of Jesus Christ, the wife of an amazing husband, and the mother of four children who are the loves of her life. She is passionate about homeschooling, enjoys spending time with her family more than anything else,  would rather buy a new book than new clothes, is always starting on a diet, and thinks that chocolate is the next-best medicine to laughter. Other than reading, her favorite hobbies are music, decorating, blogging, and making attempts at photography. She blogs about this, that, and the other at www.itsthelittlethings4.blogspot.com.

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