Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home: A Place of Refuge

There are many definitions of the word "home" if you look it up in the dictionary. However, the one I believe that truly defines what that word really means is this: "An environment offering SECURITY and HAPPINESS. A valued place regarded as a REFUGE or place of origin."

Our homes should be a place of security and refuge for our families. We have no choice but to rub shoulders with those in the world around us, and have no control over what goes on "out there". No matter what role you play in your family (whether you're the husband, wife or child) you face the harsh reality of our world everyday. Whether at the job, place of business, running simple errands, or attending the local school, you deal with the rat race we call life. However, once we cross the threshold of our own homes we should be able to sense the peace and comfort that it provides.

As we explore this most important subject of the Home in the future, my goal is to help all of us to create just that kind of place for our families. That place of refuge.

Joanna LaVan is a child of the King, wife to her incredible husband, adoring aunt "nana" to her four favorite little people, and Pastor's wife to their Church people in Virginia. Her desire is to share with the world the wonderful reality of sins forgiven. In her spare time she enjoys Kayaking, reading, occasional scrapbooking, cleaning, blogging, and spending time with her wonderful family. She blogs about her life's happenings and passions at .

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