Saturday, July 30, 2011

Links: Living a Life of Modesty

Disclaimer: Each of us are at a different place in our walk with the Lord. Just because a site has a certain article of clothing or an article mentions a specific about modesty doesn't mean I endorse it one way or the other. These are just listed as helps to you as you strive to find God's will for you in regards to modesty. 

Modest Clothing Sites:

The Modest Mom
Style J Denim Skirts
Modest Clothes Directory
Hannah Lise
Dressing For His Glory

Must-Read Articles: 

Learning to Dress Modestly @ The Modest Mom Blog
Tell Her Mama! @ Raising Homemakers
Modest Dress: The Heart of the Issue @ Large Families on Purpose
She Wears Skirts Series @ Raising Arrows
God Given Protection for Women @ Joy Ever After (yes, shameless plug! ;-)

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