Thursday, June 23, 2011

They Learn By Example

Have you ever noticed that the things that annoy you the most about your children are the things that you are often guilty of?

For example, I walk into the living room and see piles of library books all over the couch and no kids in sight. I sigh and lecture about how they always leave messes and they need to pick up after themselves and never leave a room until they have put their things away, etc. Then I walk into the kitchen and see a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Ahem. 

Though I want to teach my children (and myself) neatness, they can probably get through life and into Heaven with messy rooms. However, it is a sloppy, messy heart that troubles me.

They learn by my example. If I allow sloppiness in my walk with the Lord, my children will emulate what I do, not what I lecture. If my vision for my children is for them to walk in the truth, then I must lead the way. What I allow in my own life will only be magnified in my child's.

I've found that the only way to ensure I'm setting the right example is to follow the example of Jesus. If I can emulate what He has done, then my children will see love and truth in action. That's the vision I have for them.

What is your vision for your children?

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