Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Look Inside: Spiritual Spring Cleaning

I believe it was Kay Arthur who first introduced me to the idea of our homes being reflective of our eternal home in Heaven. I remember surveying my baskets of unfolded laundry and my "hot spots" (as FlyLady calls them) which just seem to attract clutter and thinking, "Uh oh!" My limited understanding of Revelation tells me that Heaven is at least three things:

1. A place of beauty and order
2. A place where everyone wants to be
3. A place where Jesus reigns

In reality, these are the three things I want my home here on Earth to be. Although I don't subscribe to the world's spirituality when it comes to cleaning my home, I think there is a sense in which all we do must bring glory to God.

Before we can declutter our small spaces or even larger ones, we must be sure we are doing it for the right reasons. Here are some questions I have begun asking myself when it comes to the home with which the Lord has blessed me:

  • Am I cleaning to make myself look like a competent housekeeper or to unselfishly serve my family?
  • Am I keeping this clutter because of fear or selfishness?
  • Are my actions and attitudes such that my family and others enjoy being here?
  • Is Jesus the Ruler of this home? Would He be able to find a clean chair to sit in? Would He be comfortable with the entertainment, conversation, music, art and reading material I bring into my home?
These are just a few of the questions we could ask as we prepare our hearts to be clutter-free so we can do the same to our homes. 

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  1. These are great thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. This is something I struggle with as times. Consisteny is the key I believe.
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