Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Living in Small Spaces...Finally

Remember the series I promised you here. You don't? Well, I don't blame you. I didn't forget it, but it's been on my back burner for awhile. I decided to change it up a little bit and get help from two wonderful ladies that also happen to blog. Let me introduce them:

 Krista blogs over at Blogging on Borrowed Time and is mommy to two preschool-aged children whom she plans to homeschool. She recently taught a class on organization at a retreat and generously shared her notes with me. I thought they were so good, we brainstormed about doing this as a blog hop type thing. She'll be sharing about her small spaces with small people this week on her blog.

When I think of organization, decorating or cleaning; I inevitably think of my talented baby sister, Joanna. She is married to a pastor and keeps their parsonage beautifully decorated and company ready while maintaining a busy travel schedule and leading four Vacation Bible Schools a year. She entertains often and holds a monthly women's Bible study as well as helping out with teaching children at church and playing the piano every service. She'll be sharing about keeping her house clutter free with lots of things to store and no basement this week at her blog The LaVans.

We'll be talking about the following three topics this week, from our three different perspectives:

A Look Inside: Spiritual Spring Cleaning
Fitting It All In: Storage in Small Spaces
Keeping the Clutter Out: Maintaining Clutter-Free Spaces

We'd love to have you add your ideas to the comment sections on all of our blogs! We know that creativity knows no bounds when a woman is trying to find solutions for her family and home. So jump into the conversation and share and maybe even get a few new tips to try.  

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