Friday, March 4, 2011

Links and Learning

Some links worth reading I've found around the web this week:

On Spiritual Life:
Serving Others or Self?

On Parenting:
First Time Obedience, Really? (Thanks to Courtney for the tip!)
When Am I Going To Miss This?

On Homekeeping:
Simplify Your Laundry Routine

On Marriage (particularly to an unsaved spouse):
Winning Him Without Words Giveaway

On Homeschooling:
The Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Schoolroom

Now for the learning:
I am aspiring to be the Little Red Hen. Well, not exactly. I "harvested" some wheat berries from the grocery store---"all by myself". (Yes, my frugal friends...the bag was expensive but much cheaper than 50 pound bags of wheat berries that I won't use. I figured I should try it out on a smaller batch that cost me less.) I came home, excited. (Yes, a bag of wheat berries excites me more than a new pair of shoes....what can I say? I'm a bit weird.) No one wanted to help, but that was o.k. because I was having fun "doing it all by myself". I poured those cute little berries into my Vitamix, pushed a few buttons and had fresh, whole grain flour in 1 minute. How easy is that? I then put it into my bread machine and a few hours later, I had a lovely, whole grain loaf of bread. All the steps were so easy, that I decided to let everyone eat it although I did it "all by myself". We all liked fact a bit too much. I, for one, ate too much over the course of the day, so I think my next learning project will be soaking, for my tummy's sake.

What have you done lately "all by yourself"?

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