Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Habits We Women Should Break

The two things I'm going to mention probably seem very familiar because you've dealt with them so often in your kids (if you're a mom). However, keep reading if you're not a mom because you might find them familiar anyway....

1. Whining
Kid Version: I caaaaan't do it! It's too haaaaard! I waaaaaaant some candy.....that toy.......________!

There are many other variations of course, but you get the idea.

Adult Version: I just can't get anything done! It's too hard to keep the house clean with little ones! I want....more me time....a bigger house.....a more understanding husband......___________!

Ouch. Is it any wonder our kids whine at times?

2. Comparing
Kid Version: Her piece is bigger than mine! He got to stay up later than me!  She has more toys than I have! He doesn't have as many chores as I do!

Adult Version: She is smaller than I am! She gets to/doesn't have to work! She has better clothes than I have! She's just more organized than I am!

Ouch again. Is it any wonder our kids compare themselves to one another?

I'm trying to break these two habits in my own life. I sure don't have it figured out, but here are a few things that help me:
  • If I can't get the important things in my life done, I need to find out why. If I'm too busy, I need to cut something out. If my kids are too disobedient, I need to take the time to consistently train them. 
  • We all have 24 hours in a day and take time for the things that are important to us. Blaming my kids, homeschooling or my circumstances is not taking the responsibility I need to take.
  • Maybe the things I'm focusing on aren't really important. Do I really need that much "me time" if my family is supposed to be my top priority? Are all those activities beneficial for my family or just for my need to feel busy?
  • Contentment is recommended by Paul who practiced it in jail and while being beaten and left for dead. I don't remember him whining in the Scriptures anywhere.
  • Looking at others' lives for any reason other than to learn from them is silly because they are completely unique as are we. 
  • It's also not productive to compare because all that time looking at others could be spent bettering ourselves if we're not satisfied with where we are.
Maybe I'm the only one who has issues with these two bad habits--both in my kids...and in me. I guess we all need some discipline. Just do too?


  1. Wonderful and relevent post. This is something I think we all can work on and improve at. Being content...something to ponder!

    The whole "me time" thing is an interesting one, too. We mom's have to be careful not to confuse "me time" with self renewal/rest; two completely different things!

    Wonderful things to think about, thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thanks, Stacie! Yes "me time" is different from self-renewal/rest.

  3. Ouch...and I don't even have kids yet...