Friday, February 4, 2011

Homekeeper's Journal: Creating

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is all about crafting and creating ……….

In My Kitchen this week ……I made waffles, meatballs and bread ahead and froze them. I came up with a "beans and rice" recipe I actually like! The kids won't try it, though, so it's a good thing I like it!

When I think about Crafting/Sewing/Making Things, I want to …scream or cry. There I admitted it. I don't like crafting and sewing.

My favorite creative outlet it ……..
writing and music. I never thought those things counted, but when I lamented my lack of creativity to a friend in high school once, he said, "Of course you're play the piano!" I hope he was right.

A Craft that I’d like to learn is ….
writing. I'd love to take a course someday and learn how to be a "real" writer!

One Craft that I can do but don’t do much is ….
cross stitch. I can do it and used to enjoy it, but it just seems like busywork in my current season.

An unusual Craft that I can do or would like to do is ….
make my own remedies/medicines for my kids and family. And you thought this post was going to be about domestic arts like crocheting!

Another Craft that I secretly long to do but don’t right now is ….
practicing in being a doctor. Just kidding....sort of.

The Craft/Creative Work that I have no desire whatsoever to do ……
scrapbooking, among many other things. I can't help it---I don't like messes!

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  1. I don't feel like I'm very creative either! :0) But there are times I guess when my creative juices get flowing. However, I guess I'm like you--I don't like to do just "busy work". If I'm going to take time to "create" I want it to be productive! I guess my VBS stuff is where my creativity is most useful at this point of my life...