Monday, February 14, 2011

Seven Things Your Husband Wants You to Know

Yeah...I know....what makes me an expert on what our guys want from us? Nothing except that I went to the source--my husband--who has worked with a lot of guys over the years and hears their complaints about and occasional praises of their wives.

1. Appreciate what your husband does to provide for you. How? Be satisfied with what you have.Yes, even if you are a provider, too. It's the way they're wired--to provide and protect---no matter what the feminists say. To you it's them it's a life purpose.

2. Show him he is loved by doing things for him. Keep the house in reasonable order and fix them dinner. Do their laundry.Pack their lunch. No, it's not meaningless work when it's a love gift to your husband and yes, it's o.k. to serve them. Jesus did it, and chances are your husband serves you in many ways, too.

3. Don't make comments about "hot" guys or flirt with men other than your husband.  This should go without saying. Please remember there is no such thing as harmless flirting!

4. Regard him as your  best friend...don't expect a girlfriend to fix or listen to your problems. I must admit this surprised me. However, now you have permission to go ahead and vent about your latest relationship problem at work or the horrible day you had with the kids. I think it's part of that provide and protect thing I was talking about. Just let him get in the door first.

5. Don't make him look bad in front of other people. I've seen this firsthand. Trust one else thinks it's funny when you make fun of your husband even if they give you a token laugh. If a man doesn't have his wife in his corner, who can he trust with his heart?

6. Remember the war your man fights for you and head off temptation for him. Yes, that. Enough said.

7. Let him be a man. Face it. They like things you don't like and they have friends that them. Go shopping while they are hunting or playing football. Or join them. Just remember that protection thing and try not to be better than they are.

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