Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeing What Jesus Sees

Note: These people are mostly fictitious in order to cover a variety of scenarios. Yes, you probably recognize the people I'm describing, but no, they probably aren't the same ones I'm thinking of, if in fact they describe a particular person at all.

He drones on and on about his accomplishments, his successes, his greatness. There's no interjecting a comment even an urgent one. I shift weight from one foot to the other, and my eyes wander discreetly about the room looking for excuse to escape.  Then I hear the words in my heart, "See what I see." I look again and this time instead of an over-confident braggart, I see the boy cringing in front of his father's accusing gaze, "You'll never amount to anything, kid!"

She smiles, tight-lipped, as I welcome her to the group...again. She's been hanging on the fringes for months, and exasperation seizes me. What else can I do? I am at the point of giving up, but as I turn back to my friends, He whispers, "See what I see." I turn back and see the eager little girl run into her kindergarten lunch room and smile at the girl next to her only to hear the rebuff, "You'll have to sit over there. No room here." I see the event repeated for so many years, she quits trying and withdraws.

He laughs and boasts of the control he has."Just watch!" he says aside. As he commands and ridicules her, my anger boils. Jumping to her defense will only make it worse as I can see his demeaning attitude toward women. My heart aches for her and disgust for him grips me. Then, I reluctantly look again as the familiar whisper comes, "See what I see." I look deep and see a little boy dominated by a woman whose only motive was control and never love. He acts as her puppet or he is shamed. I see him running free, vowing to never let himself be controlled again as he takes her role and becomes the controller.

She speaks, hardened, worldly-wise. I draw back from the coarseness of it. Her whole dress and demeanor point to a life of seduction...both of seducing and being seduced. "One of those kind..." jumps to my thoughts as I draw back from her. Clearly, she's wicked and makes a business of leading others to wickedness. It comes again, "See what I see." I see the little girl, abused, taken advantage of, being told of her worthlessness and a false way to find worth again. Shivering in terror then steely and determined because there seems to be no other way.

No wonder Jesus weeps. We see indulgence and and bad habits. He sees sin in its rawest, most destructive form. He hates it. Because of what it does. What it does to us...His precious creation for which He gave up His life. We see hopeless bondage. He sees the blood that atones.

What do you see?


  1. Such a good post. Thank you for sharing.


  2. WOW! That is all I can say about this post (and your last one too) I was moved to tears as I saw myself as well as many others in the scenarios you described. Thanks for bringing me back to reality. As for the post about the battle our husbands fight...I would first like to say that it made me think. My husband is coming home from being incarcerated for 7 years this Aug. and I must say when he was home before, I am sure I played the role of a nagging irritable wife more often than I would like to admit, and I NEVER gave it a thank you. Secondly I would like to say that women in the workplace fight battles as well. There are many times when Satan places the right person in the right place at the right time to cause STRONG temptations for the woman (maybe to connect emotionally, or feel attractive and flirtations because of the attention a man is giving), especially when she is married to an inattentive husband who says "Good" when she asks how is day was and promptly begins to work on somethinguntil dinner, eats in silence, and doesn't notice the hard work that the wife went to making dinner or ensuring that the bedroom was especially clean. I would just like to give Kudos to the woman out there that like me, face tough battles. Although the situations women face might be different mens, they are just as crippling to a marriage.

  3. This post was so thought provoking. . .

    Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,

  4. beautifully written and convicting. It made my heart sad knowing that I have done this. walked away. Chose not to see what the person really needed. ugh! Keep writing. Keep listening to the Father!