Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learning Time Management from Jesus

Time Management is a popular topic now whether you are a homekeeper like me or a part-time single mom or a corporate executive. Almost everyone comments at one time or another in her life, "There just aren't enough hours in the day!" So, we try to manage the 24 hours we get each day a little better in order to "fit it all in". I'm no exception to this, but I am beginning to learn that, as in everything we may attempt in life, Jesus set the perfect example for us. In my surface study of His life, I've learned this about how Jesus managed His time while on Earth:

1. He knew why He was here. Finding our life purpose is a subject to which some have devoted entire ministries and in which the business world has invested time and money. Jesus simply found out His Father's will for his life--His purpose for coming to Earth.

2. He focused on why He was here. Although we think of focus as a modern, zen-like idea; Jesus actually used it in His life. Everything He did fit in with one of his two (NOT 52!) purposes for being here.

3. He rested regularly but productively. Though He knew He was only going to be here 3 1/2 years, Jesus did take time to rest. However, His rest didn't include activities like surfing the web or even a hobby (though those may have a place in our lives). His rest was either fulfilling His purpose (spending time with His disciples) or preparing for His purpose (spending time in prayer for guidance).

4. People came before projects. In fact, the Bible never records Jesus building a church or creating a charity program. He just spent time with people, meeting their needs.

5. He  never hurried. You never see Jesus urging His disciples to hurry because they needed to get to the next town by a certain time. He knew what had to be done and gave Himself plenty of time. He never lost focus and embraced interruptions that fit into His purpose.

At the end of Jesus' life on earth, He told His Father that He had finished what He came to do. He could be completely satisfied that His life, though short, was well-lived and there was nothing left undone. I know I can't achieve the efficiency level of Jesus, but I want to learn from His example!

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  1. Very challenging and thought provoking, thanks for sharing!

  2. In the craziness of our moving 9 people 1000 miles, the verse Psalm 90:12 keeps coming to mind - "Teach us to number our days that we may apply to Thee a heart of wisdom". Thanks for this very needed, practical post!!!

  3. What a wonderful post. I think I will have to go do some soul searching now. Thanks.

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  5. It's my first visit here, and it's been a blessing to share my cup of coffee this morning and read some of your blog.

    May you have a lovely week.

  6. awesome post!thanks for this. time management is really essential...

    Jesus was successful in his mission!he has done what has to be done...

    Happy birthday Jesus!