Friday, December 3, 2010

At Home and About

At Home...
It took us all day Monday to recover from our celebrating last week. I am still not back to my preferred 1 load of laundry a day system.

I found a way to sneak in those 3 extra days of school we needed to make up from last week. I put all 8 days' worth of work in each kid's folder, and made a list of what needed to be done. I told my oldest that if she got it all done early, she would have a day (or two) off of school this week, too. She's been working diligently! :-) My kindergartener loves his school work so much, he doesn't even realize we've been doing extra.

The pre-lit tree that made everything so convenient the last few years decided to only light up half of its lights this year. My husband worked tirelessly for two nights before we got to decorate it. We have been playing Christmas music, though. We found a CD we bought last year and never opened, so that was a pleasant surprise. We also got out the Christmas books for the kids. They are devouring them--again. They are always fresh when we get them out with the Christmas decorations instead of leaving them out all year.

After last week, I felt like staying in mostly this week, but I did venture out a bit. Quite a bit for a homebody like me! :-) Aside from the regular errands, we met our homeschool group for playtime at McDonald's one day. We went to piano lessons another day and our homeschool gym class another day. We went to church Wednesday night. Today, it still remains to be seen where I will go!

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