Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful and Thoughtful

For salvation when I deserved Hell and enjoying wonderful relationship with Jesus...a hard-working, handsome husband who is my very best friend and more than I could have ever imagined...for four beautiful, unique children who delight and challenge me each and every day...for parents that taught me to love God and encourage me every step of the way...for in-laws that are like second parents to me...for sisters, brothers, their spouses and their adorable children...for a few close friends who love me the way I am and for the host of others that make life interesting and fun...for a home in which to live and call our own...for a church that teaches the Bible...for the blessed Word of God that forever has changed and is changing my life...for "my daily bread" (whole wheat, of course)...for books...for little joys like a warm cup of coffee in the early morning with my Bible and snuggles while reading aloud to my kids and leisurely date nights with my sweetheart...oh so many!!!

Lately I've been thinking of my upcoming birthday. Yes, I'll be 30. In many ways, I feel like it's a new chapter of my life beginning for which I have spent the last 30 years preparing. I've been thinking about the new year and made a few (very few) goals and chosen my key words for the year. I've wondered about the sovereignty of God and what it really means. I've pondered the blessing of children and why I have been entrusted with these little hearts and minds to mold. And mostly, I've been thinking about love--the kind that makes the Almighty God desire a relationship with me despite my failures and shortcomings and the kind that goes deeper than a warm, fuzzy feeling but grips my very soul.

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