Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Parenting Tips I've Learned

1. To make sure your child is brushing his or her teeth, set out the toothbrushes in the morning when you brush your teeth. You can see if they brushed them and how well they brushed by the amount of toothpaste still left on the brush. (Another mom friend of mine sets a timer on her cell phone, but I would forget what the timer was for!)

2. If your child throws a fit in public, smile. Those that are disgusted with your child will then be disgusted with you for being happy while your child is obviously upset. Hey, we all need to make sacrifices for our children, don't we? (It actually can make you feel more calm and maybe better able to deal with the fit.)

3. When your child asks you something, make sure your explanation is such that it can be repeated at a future date. Quick, not-thought-out answers are easier for the moment, but can be embarrassing when prefaced by "Mommy said..." and repeated to a crowd.

4. Battles over food and sleep make two of life's enjoyable experiences dreaded ones for your child. 

5. It's o.k. to be the mom you are. I enjoy reading to my kids (among other things). I send them to their aunt or grandma for craft projects. To force myself to work with glue and googly eyes is not a pleasant experience for me or my child.

6. Always, always, always agree with Daddy. Even if you don't, make sure your kids think you do. Disagree once in front of your child and he/she will forever pit you against each other.

7. If you make a rule, make sure it's one you can keep 100% of the time. If you miss once, you will be reminded!

8. Hanging clothes in a closet for children under 8 is like inviting them to decorate the floor of their room with various outfits. Put them in a drawer or tote if you want the least chance of having them returned.

9. Baby food really is gross...and expensive. It's o.k. to skip it altogether.

10. God gave me the kids He wants me to have. If my child happens to be more ______ (intense, energetic, scheduled or unscheduled) than another mother's child, He will also give me more grace and wisdom to deal with him/her. (At least that's what I'm hoping!)

Go ahead and add your own totally random parenting tips in the comments.

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  1. Here's a tip that I am just learning myself...when your little one has the flu, don't tell him that he has a bug in his belly! :-) Makes for a very interesting explanation to calm their fears! :-)